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Passive Income: Myth, Hype or Truth? - 12.3.2020
Hosted by The Crowd & Property Entrepreneurs Network (PEN)
Thu, 12 March 2020 18:00 – 23:30 GMT
All the proceeds of the event go to the KipBag Charity

Come and learn the true meaning of passive income from both Property and Business investors. Get a real understanding from real-life experiences of what is HANDS-OFF and what is HANDS-ON when it comes to property business.
At the event we will have Jack from PEN, Aneel and Alex from The Crowd and Sapphire Gray from Savvy Women on the panel who collectively have over 50 years of property investing, developing, BTL, Short Stay and HMO experience.

18:00: Opening
18:30 - 19:30: Intro
19:30 - 20:30: Panel + Q&A
21:00 - 21:30: Snacks
21:30 - 23:30: Network + Drinks


the judgement hall - 15.3.2020

The Judgement Hall is an underground movement in London.

Having staged four iconic events in the passed two years, The Judgement Hall Records was launched to mirror the musical direction of the events.

This website is a catalogue of albums, imagery, movies and performative arts that have inspired and helped to sculpt the events and record releases.

For tickets, please email: thejudgementhall@gmail.com



stav B's liquor bar is a speakeasy style pop up bar, with tailor made and original cocktails, good quality music in temporary and alternative spaces.


Singer-songwriter, Richie Matembo presents his solo project MTMBO, driven by ambient and soulful influences. Expect delicate, lyrically driven compositions in an intimate performance of songs from his discography and most recent EP, Grip.

The London date is supported by multi-disciplinary artist, Nadeem Din-Gabisi.


How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email any questions about the event to info@mtmbo.com

Tickets: mtmbo.com

Launch 13th - 25th of Jan 2020 - all £5

House Mass - prof Ballet
Extra Time for Extra Work (always free/always donation based)
Breaking Mass Open - creative work
House Mass - prof Ballet
Extra Time for Extra Work (always free/always donation based)
Breaking Mass Open - creative work
Open to the public, free entry.

The Silver Building Christmas Market
Free entry
Open to the public

Private view 6pm - 11pm Friday 20th September
Art, sculptures , drinks & DJ's
Mike Ballards
Thomas Van Linge
Samuel Padfield
Anna Reading
Catorina Robertson
Christopher Stead

Open to the public

Stupendous Tremendous
10.10.2019 - 18.10.2019

PV 10.10.2019 6pm till late
All genres covered on this event, return from the end of Summer party but indoor series.
Food Provided from Meals with Steps, the food line.

Activities include:

  • Get your portrait or family photo taken by professionals at Silver Space Studios and have them emailed to you, all completely free;
  • Print your own Silver Building tote bag in the printing workshop;
  • Join in with the open beat boxing workshop in the cafe area;
  • Check out the exhibition in the Gallery by Salmagundi Films;
  • Try the food of the Caribbean and Japan;
  • Head out back for some break dancing and live graffiti;
  • An evening of Live Jazz
and much, much more...

Mawnin Summer Breakfast Party 18.08.2019
Respek my House 10.08.2019
Sinead Gorey - 19.07.2019 Spring Summer Presentations & after party
Hip Hop Summer Jam - free entry
Pervilion at Silver Building explores various states of dissolution, activating the defunct boiler rooms of a sixties office block. Working in scent, sculpture and film respectively, Katharina Dubbick, Jack O'Brien and Stella Scott propose ways in which the body registers, absorbs and releases tensions within the built environment. In concrete chambers, stripped of pipes and pistons, new works identify multiple tipping points at which experience condenses and evaporates.

In 'Buildings that Weep', a series of free- hanging sculptures, Jack O'Brien approaches the body's complex interactions with surrounding physical structures. Introspective, husk-like forms, made from pigmented silicon, appear to peel away from the ceiling. In Come down, and around (2018), silicon chains gather in slack and taut lines that trace the folds of drapery, but also veins and muscular definition, so that the sculpture seems to pose. Elsewhere, Jack draws on the vernacular of editorial fashion photography, suspending cut-outs of the body in panels of latex. The works draw attention to our networked condition using materials associated with construction and body modification.

Scent designer Katharina Dubbick fills the upper boiler room with the installation Time Capsule: 7.32am (2019). 'The odours our bodies produce are directly related to the emotions we feel,' she says. 'I want to capture the moment of exhaustion after a climax – the sense of space that's left when feelings settle.' One of the artist's memories has been distilled to a scent, in collaboration with perfumer Meabh McCurtin. The chemical compound is distributed via steam, to infiltrate the space and stimulate associations with notes of sweat, saliva, sex, gin and tonic, cigarette smoke, latex, smoke machine, sticky skin and cleaning products. Floating in this olfactory cloud, leather casts of the body capture the enigmatic hollows around the collarbone, pelvis and ribs. These are steeped in smells of latex and body odour.

Filmmaker Stella Scott tracks liquid cycles in a film that confronts the sanitised future and fetishisation of space in central London. To Spoor a Stockroom (2019) documents a condemned consumer environment, in which the spectre of desire flickers on. Shot during the last days of

Welbeck Street Car Park, before its controversial demolition, the film reveals a hidden side of the brutalist landmark. The basement level was originally used by Debenhams as cold storage for fur. Gutted of goods and rails, the exposed walls carry graffiti expressing lust and frustration, left by stockroom workers over decades. One last deep clean sees the architectural skin sloughed and rubbed, releasing memories that bubble and sublimate. The film features a voiceover recorded with present-day Debenhams staff, a fragmented chorus at a time of mounting anxiety for the workforce.


Pervilion responds to the pressures and pleasures of the urban fabric, finding intrigue in unusual spaces and providing a platform for emerging artists to make new work. Projects take up an abstracted idea of the pavilion – separate to the main body, erected to delight and transport. This iteration of Pervilion explores the idea of transitional space in relation to the present exhibition venue: Silver Building was built in 1964 as the headquarters of the Carlsberg- Tetley brewery; it has survived dereliction and raves, and now is home to artists' studios.

Brutalism on a Human Scale

Exhibition | Brutalism on a Human Scale Post-war Architecture by Léon Stynen From 6 until 30 June 2019

Opening and panel | The Future of the Other Modern

6 June 2019 from 7.15 pm until 11 pm
The Silver Building is pleased to present CITYISLAND by Anka Dabrowska, Jeni Snell and Stav Bee. This exhibition, curated by Anka Dabrowska, includes new drawings, collage, sculpture, painting, installation, video, photographs and a live performance, which activate a fresh narrative on the urban and rural (city/ island) landscape, with issues surrounding identity, place and culture.

"Cities are never just what they seem; they are like dreams, made of desires and fears."

Calvino, Italo. (1972) Invisible Cities

Anka Dabrowska's drawings explore the territories both real and imagined. Using a complex interplay of aesthetic and thematic contradictions, she creates drawings and sculptures, that are at once delicate and personal yet detached, fragmented and uncanny. She collects the hidden traces of public and private histories through which we make the city our own; her own map. The drawings playfully reinterpret bleak urban and rural landscapes in an intricate style. The sculptures mutate and transform in a colourful display of architectural alchemy. Built from the disregarded wreckage of everyday life (cardboard, wood, plastics and concrete) alongside documentary snap- shots and bright sprayed graffiti. The work is intensely private and semi-autobio- graphical, yet it moves beyond personal circumstances to address the common drift through our shared environment.

For CITYISLAND, Dabrowska will create a site - specific installation focusing on the concept of shelter as a fortress of our bodies; an extension of ourselves. This tempo- rary, fragile structure, will be made out of old sculptures and objects, that Dabrowska will smash up and rebuild is based on recycling and regeneration. While the drawings sit in contrast and in dialogue with the installation, questions about vulnerability and protection, the housing crisis, personal stories and the current physical sensations of anxiety, emerge.

Anka Dabrowska (b. 1979 Warsaw, Poland) graduated in 2003 from University of Northumbria in Newcastle where she attained her Masters in Fine Art with distinction. She lives and works in London and has exhibited widely nationally and internationally.

"Island spaces are used to explore and create bridges between the real and the imaginary as a response to cultural and social realities, frequently taking the form of utopias/dystopias, Edens, Arcadias, nations, meta text, cultural cross- roads."

Bassnet, Susan and Stephanides, Stephanos. (2008) Islands, Literature, and Cultural Translatability


Jeni Snell's practice is based on the ongoing relationship she has with the place where she grew up. Exploring her experience of living in a previously occupied (Channel) island territory, she is interested in the influence that our early environment has upon the formation of identity, especially in the LGBTIQA context, which she oc- cupies. Attending a school built on top of a WW11 German gun battery brought the opposing dynamics of 'childhood innocence' and 'the architecture of war' together within the playground and this conflicting and troubling relationship has been a con- sistently developed theme throughout her work.

Snell views the redundant fortifications as anthropomorphic symbols of the melan- cholic self as a queer teenager during Thatcher's homophobic 80's, as the bunkers represent loss of freedom, fear, isolation and uncertain future. Snell is also interested in the concept of camouflage in physical and metaphysical considerations, in particu- lar its limitations and failure, especially in relation to what she calls 'societal camou- flage' when an individual responds to peer pressure to conform to heterosexual stereotypes of self-presentation and dress.

Paying homage to Guernsey's significant WW11 legacy of heritage, she often works with cast - concrete methodology to make playful phallic projectile sculptures, per- haps referencing gender issues. Using found objects (such as discarded plastic bot- tles), she attempts to contextualise the Islanders make – do – and - mend creative resourcefulness whilst under Occupation, in reaction to our current throw – away and materialistic global society malaise.

For CITYISLAND, Snell is exhibiting works from her latest solo show Achtung Baby! Each work, bears titles from songs performed by homosexual activist musicians.

Jeni Snell (b.1972 Guernsey, Channel Islands) graduated in 2007 from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design with an MA (Fine Art) and in 1999, with a First Class BA (Hons) Fine Art from the University of Sunderland. She lives and works in London.

"Under this mask, another mask. I will never be finished removing all these faces." Cahun, Claude (1930) Aveus non Avenus.

Stav B's work deals with the on going themes of identity and love, the politics of the female gaze, the aesthetics of beauty, sexual identity, repetition, reflection, obses- sion, transformation, alchemy and magic.

There is a linear progression in her body of work, evolved through time, environment, age and circumstance: sketches, diaries, paintings, collages, installations, sculpture, photographs, texts, performances, video, construct a multi media manifestation, which has shaped her direction and focus.

Stav B's work is a continuous game of assumption, theory, practice, belief and inno- cent perversity! A self-peep – show, obsessively producing, expressing, expanding, materialising. A personal testimony of experiences, dreams, desires, nightmares and fantasies.

For CITYISLAND, Stav B will continue her cerebral investigations, regarding the city, as a landscape of aloneness and anonymity, darkness and light, hardship and oppor- tunity and the ultimate creative personae; reflective, intense and very alive, with a multi disciplinary exhibition of senses, in footsteps, marks and testimonies.

Stav B is a London-based multi-disciplinary visual artist, focusing on still and moving image and performance. She holds a BA (Hons) Fine Art/ Ceramics form Camberwell College of Art and an MA Photography from London College of Communication. She has been working and exhibiting here and abroad, since 1997.

Anka Dabrowska, Jeni Snell, Stav Bee Drawing, Collage, Painting, Sculpture, Installation and Performance

The Silver Building summer Jam
Free Entry
Live music and artists performances
Live Jazz @ The Silver Building

The Silver Building and BTL Jazz proudly present a night of live Jazz music with Adriana Blu and Guitarist duo.

Adriana Blu started her music career in Spain with the Santander Jazz Big Band. Her colourful and sensual voice with an exotic touch of her latin personality has captivated audiences from Spain and the UK as it evokes the sound of the jazz divas like Ella Fitzgerald or Bille Holiday!

Free Entry

7:30pm - 11pm

Ibrunch LDN
For tickets please visit: www.shoobs.com
30.3.2019 & 31.3.2019

Retextured Festival | Resident Advisor
The Silver Building

Carla Dal Forno (Live)
Gesloten Cirkel (Live)
Phase Fatale
Sync 24

Caterina Barbieri & Ruben Spini (Live A/V)
Shackleton (Live)
Silvia Kastel

Taste the Culture: Senegal Edition is a cultural immersive event designed to bring Senegalese food & culture to you without having to leave London! We'll be featuring our favourite food, cultural activities, storytellers and art. Be prepared to see, taste and feel Senegal!

Conversations & Collaborations


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